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From 1st July to 31st July 2022

The work by Paolo Della Corte, specially created upon my request for laToletta Spazio Eventi, is totally unpublished and is the result of mere intuition and risk. Hopefully we’ll be able to replicate the same outcome, both in terms of product quality and depht of meaning, with other artists as this is one of the innovative aspects of laToletta Spazio Eventi. The first intuition was related to the confusing idea of taking pictures and leave them to chance, that is, to what may remain of their image after a prolonged apnea in the lagoon. And, incidentally, this is deeply connected to the very nature of photography itself. The second one was: whatever the outcome, it will have a deep meaning for us Venetians and for the rest of the world. Last but not least the idea that any image resulting from the process just mentioned would possess un uncommon character of authorship and authenticity. The most remarkable risk was to give carte blanche for the first time to an artist who had limited experience, whose passion, tenacity and humility were unknown to me. Personal qualities that he had to draw on achieving results that I find moving, fascinating and technically flawless. It is undoubtedly a great personal satisfaction to be able to have his name alongside those of prestigious international artists who have alternated in these rooms in less than one year.

Michele Alassio

Università Ca'Foscari venezia

The scientific departments of Ca'Foscari (DSMN and DAIS) and the CNR – Istituto di Scienze Polari analyzed PDC's artworks following their immersion in water from a chemical and morphological standpoint. The idea was to correlate the chemical and physical changes that occur underwater on the canvases with environment and with some of the consequences of human activities in the lagoon. The optical and chemical analyses tell us how the canvases changed in different locations.




Paolo Della Corte

Paolo della Corte was born in Venice, the city where he actually lives, although he often travels for work. After a degree in Art History at the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice, he was soon attracted by professional photography, specializing in portraits and cultural reportage, up to become a professor of Digital Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. His studies lead him to tell through photos the stories of great artists. In fact, during the various Biennales of Visual Arts, he had the opportunity to meet first in Venice and then in their studios some of the major international personalities such as Louise Bourgeois, Jim Dine, Jannis Kounellis, Roy Lichtenstein, James Rosenquist and George Segal. In recent years, returned more stable in the lagoon, he is dedicated to more personal projects seeking to tell the city especially through the Venetians who live and resist high waters, over tourism and large ships. His work “(R)exist in Venice” (2019), portrays some Venetians as motionless in the city among a swarm of tourists in motion, the latter photographed for very long times, thus giving the idea of a wall or a wave that overwhelms the subjects living in a city now alienating, difficult to live. A further example is "Venice 2050 AD ... and the great high tide came" showing how the city could be in about thirty years. According to the latest studies, there is a high probability that it could be frequently submerged by exceptional tides. For this reason, Paolo portrayed 20 Venetians immersed in a large aquarium of the Hotel Aquarius, in Campo San Giacomo, to turn them into amphibious men swimming and living the "calli", adapting to the new environment by resisting and not abandoning the city.

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